Impossible Theatre French Company in London- Drama & Cabaret

  •     GAZES is the first original creation launched by Impossible Theatre. Inspired by the tragic life of Marilyn Monroe and by the world of burlesque shows, Candice Morel chose to write and act in a one-woman-show centred on a young Cabaret dancer in the twenties. This original play is a glamorous and thrilling piece of work written in English and intended for a mature audience. Alexiane Cazenave, another French actress, joined in to direct Candice's work while Caroline Dargelos came as an advisor and theatre tech.

  • In this play Miss Penney Penney is a sexy, funny and bubbly cabaret dancer. Everybody loves her burlesque performances and every night many men are acclaiming and applauding her. But nobody knows Anna, the young woman sequestrated and manipulated by Mr Castello, the landlord of the cabaret. Despite the twenties era, GAZES highlights with sharpness the unchanged women conditions about their body and beauty. Is Mister Castello a real character or only the pressuring mirror of society?